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Foshan Baijinyi Precise Machinery Co.Ltd (abbr. BJY) was founded in 2011.Located in Shishan Technology Industry Zone、 Nanhai District、 Foshan city、 Guangdong province、 where there are the rich relevant supply chains.   It covers an area of 2000 square meters. The company focuses on manufacturing of precise PET blowing mold and precise mechanic parts used on the blower and filler and labeler and shrink labelling machine of all the famous brands. We also provide the extensive reliable service to the customers including bottle and mold design and parts mapping and the support to the commissioning of a new mold on site. 

Our blow molds are mainly assembled on the brand rotary blowing machines such as Sidel、 Krones、 SIG、 Sipa、 Tech-long and Newamstar in the customers’ and bring continuous benefit  to the customers. Our customers realized the parts purchasing localization with the time saving and get one more option to optimize their parts supply resources with more flexibility by using our mechanic parts on their injection machines and fillers and labelers. We are also making customized precise mechanical parts for the customers too. Now our products have been popularly used in the industries of beverage and daily chemicals and pharmaceutic packaging.

The manager team here has been working in this industry since over 10 years ago. Tens of thousands of cavities had been passed through the hands of the guys to the customers for the packaging of the greatest brand like Coca-Cola and Pepsi etc.、 which makes the company start from a higher level from the very beginning. So we have enough knowledge and know-how and rich experience to meet the expectation and requirements from the customers. The company name of Baijinyi" derived from an old Chinese saying means to do things better by continuous improvement. The name also represents the continuous improving spirit of the company. We are very open to the customers and partners. Please feel free to contact for a visit and or discussion about the business and cooperation. 

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BJY Plant address: No.13 Junye South Road Shishan Technology Industry Zone C

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